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Import and Export of Goods (customs affairs):

- Imports of all goods from main land to Kish Free Zone are allowed.
- Temporary importation of goods for the display in the exhibition is permitted. In case the exhibitor intends to clear the goods from the customs after the termination of the exhibition, customs duties and port changes are payable by the exhibitors according to the rules and regulations thereof.
- The goods imported from the main land can be re-exported to its original place by presentation of customs import declaration form together with airway bill or bill of landing of the imported goods. Thus the exhibitors’ transportation Co. and or the forwarders are required to declare and register all the goods and equipment, related to the exhibition at the customs in order not to face any obstacle with re-exporting the goods to the main land.
- In the event that the goods are imported by air, the exhibitors, in addition to observing the above, are required to send the invoice and packing lists, including the name of the country of origin together with the air way bill to the secretariat of the exhibition one week before the arrival of the goods.
- Moving in and out of the goods to or from the exhibition should take place under the supervision of the organizer and on the basis of the regulation therein.
- All the coordination for customs clearance and transportation of the goods to the exhibition and payment of all the related changes should be performed by the exhibitors.
- The organizer will appoint an agent for transportation and customs clearance to coordinate the smooth and on time operation of handling the exhibits and the exhibition equipment.

Regulations on Entry and residence of foreign nationuls an kish free zone